Vocational Education

EKONID, in cooperation with public or private Indonesian vocational or polytechnic school and interested companies, establishes 2 to 3 years Dual Vocational Education Programs including curriculum and examination in several professions with the necessary adaptations to the local conditions in Indonesia.


The programs are composed of a 40% theoretical and a 60% practical part. We evaluate Indonesian vocational and polytechnic school for conducting the theoretical part and recommend the best school appropriate for the respective professions to the companies interested. The German and Indonesian companies train the students in the practical part of the vocational program at their premises.


The 60% practical education in respective companies will allow the student to improve skills they have learned in vocational school, gain work experience, learn company’s ethics and values, and achieve qualification specific to company’s requirements.


By the end of the program, the company should have a potential new recruit, who is not only skilled and highly qualified, but also understand the company value and already part of the team.


For the implementation of the dual vocational education, we rely, if needed, on the experiences and expertise of regional German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany (IHKs) who are mandated by German statue – Law with the realization of the dual vocational education on a regional level in Germany, This close interaction between EKONID and the IHK – network enables us to assure a high-quality education for future labor force in Indonesia.

"Education Indonesia" is a brand of German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (EKONID)